Action Towards Achievement

It takes me a hot second to put my thoughts together, and even when I think I have them put together they never really seem the way I had intended. Yes, my brain is scattered. Kind of like my attention span. I get really excited about little things and somehow my brain makes them into bigger and bigger things. My thoughts rapidly change which makes it hard for me to focus on just one thing.

I was challenged by an amazing trainer at my gym, he inspired me to set a workout goal for 2019 and pushed me close to the edge by suggesting I run my first marathon. I’ve taken time off from running competitively, but I do absolutely love running. There’s nothing better than setting a goal and training (which also includes a variety of mini goals) to ultimately run a race. Here are a few reasons why I just might run my first marathon in 2019…

1. I’m going to be 40 this year. Life goes on no matter what age you are so why not start now?

2. I’ve run a half marathon, ultra relay and 10 milers before. I know I CAN do it!

3. My husband won’t complain about my monthly gym membership prices. Well…at least not for a few months…ha!

4. My girls are a little older and more self sufficient so maybe…just maybe…the house won’t get destroyed while my husband is home and I’m out on long runs. I know…this one might be a stretch…

5. Running is a great way to clear my mind and body. Maybe I’ll meet some new friends along the way?

6. I love setting goals and then crushing them!

Now that I’ve clicked submit on this post and you’re actually reading these words…I’m officially sharing it with you! Feel free to hold me accountable and make it a big deal!

Here’s to stepping up and trying something new! I hope to write about my journey and share it with you. So what are you going to set as a goal?

Let’s set some goals and CRUSH them together!

4 thoughts on “Action Towards Achievement

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  1. Karen, I can’t wait to hear about this journey that you have so bravely embarked on. I have no doubt that you will succeed. My goal has to do with a non-profit organization that I recently set up. I want to get it up and running.

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