From a Different Lens

Are you smitten with your school community? I am! I literally jump for joy just thinking about our school community!

I had the opportunity to embrace our school community from a different lens today…the lens of an administrator. I have a dream and a passion from within my heart to become an administrative leader. Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to embrace my day as a substitute principal. What a gift!!!

Our principal and assistant principal are so incredibly amazing that they make their job look easy. Believe me…it was not always a brisk walk. At times, I felt like I was climbing a steep flight of stairs which had 5 different paths to choose from, each loaded with obstacles. I tried to encapsulate all the qualities I needed in order to be an effective leader today, but the list became quite long and I’m guessing that my list might need a couple clicks of the refresh button and automatically update from hour to hour.

A principal’s job is hard work! I LOVED the smiles, high fives, and soft squeezy hugs I received from many kids today. Sticking true to my enthusiastic passion for all kids, my morning message included “make today awesome for someone! Share a smile, a wave, or a high-five! Remember, you are amazing…make today as awesome as YOU!”

I could feel the positive energy as I walked through the halls. I saw the smiles on the faces of our students and staff. My heart felt embraced by high-fives and waves. It truly brightened my day!

At times…I wished I could have stayed longer in classrooms, I wish I could stop a teacher mid-lesson and tell them how amazing I think they are, I wish I could have finished reading the entire story to the child in the nurses office as I was paged to another classroom, I wish I could have walked that child to class instead of giving a high-five in passing, I wish I didn’t feel alone at times while walking the halls…oh the list goes on…

A principal’s job is unique. I didn’t think it was possible for my head and my heart to be five different places at once. I hope to be blessed with another opportunity to learn and grow as an administrator. I will continue to keep climbing in pursuit of becoming an administrative leader.

Big or small lens…it doesn’t matter… approach each opportunity with an open heart and an open mind. #ThankAPrincipal

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