The Value of Being Silly

I just adore everything about this! From one silly friend to another 😀

Serendipity in Education

The other day I was conducting mock interviews with student teachers at a local college. The last young lady I interviewed said something that surprised me.

Me: What are the three most important things for me to know about you?

Young lady: … The second thing for you to know about me is that I am silly.

I have to admit, I can’t recall much of what the other candidates told me in response to this question, but I do remember her response. She gave me some examples, like she is the leader of her college’s Quidditch organization. I instantly related to her because I too am silly.

We spent Easter with my dad and his wife. During the course of one of our conversations, I showed him my app and a few of the videos I created. He responded with something like, “Why would you ever make something…

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